Monday, January 31, 2011

Japanese Style Cheesecake, Take 2

Before I forget, I just wanted to post my second attempt at making the Japanese cheesecake I tried earlier. I didn't make it at home so the only pans I had access to were loaf pans. I also substituted a few ingredients that I couldn't find (white vinegar for lemon juice and tapioca starch for corn starch). The cake probably would've been more fragrant with lemon juice, but otherwise the substitutions didn't ruin the cake. I used a proper water bath this time, but funnily enough my first attempt didn't have cracks, and these ones did, likely due to the oven being too hot. Strangely enough, since they were baked in loaf pans the cracks didn't look out of place (just Google image "loaf cakes" and you'll see what I mean).


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

Oh cool! What's the difference between Japanese cheesecake and regular cheesecake?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]Best Blogger Templates

ohhh that looks so good! it looks like those honey sponge cakes I see at the supermarket : )

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