Monday, April 19, 2010

Take 2 of One-Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes... in Cake Form!

It's final exam season now, and one of my favourite ways to procrastinate is by looking at food blogs, which in turn makes me want to eat. I happened to be looking at Annie's Eats and the delicious treats on her site made me drool inside, so I decided to whip something up. I made some more ganache yesterday to use up leftover heavy cream that was expiring soon, and I wanted to use it as a glaze so I decided to make the one-bowl cupcakes again. Halfway through mixing the batter, I decided I was too lazy to spoon the batter into individual cupcake liners, so I pulled out an 8-inch square pan and poured the batter straight in without greasing or lining with parchment paper (sorry, I was just being way too lazy). Also, this time I used buttermilk as per the original recipe.

(I apologize for the picture quality!)

I was worried that it would result in a different taste than the previous one I made using yogurt, but overall the taste and smell were identical to the cupcake version. However, I don't think this recipe works as well in cake form because it's a lot better in smaller portions, and the cupcake version develops a lovely crust (like muffin tops) which is missing in the cake version. I also found it to be a little greasy, and I think I prefer cakes with butter, which this one lacks. I'll try an actual yellow cake recipe next time, which I imagine would taste better as a large cake (as it should).


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