Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update and a Japanese Snack

So much has happened since the last time I updated: I graduated with my B.Sc., and I currently work full time in a research lab. This leaves little time for things like baking for pleasure, unfortunately, and to be honest I haven't been inspired to bake anything lately. I'm sure that it's only a phase I'm going through right now as I do have other food cravings that I'd like to fulfill and share on my blog sometime soon.

For now, I have a few posts planned of my most recent (i.e. from a month or two ago) creations. While I work on those, I'd like to share a delicious snack I made not too long ago - 大学芋 (daigaku imo), or Japanese "university sweet potatoes." I love root vegetables, especially sweeter ones like yams and sweet potatoes. This snack is basically sweet potatoes that are fried and glazed with a sugar coating. The recipe I used is from Cooking with Dog, one of my favourite cooking channels on YouTube. Here's their video for your viewing pleasure:


I believe this snack is originally deep fried and coated with the glaze, but I tend to avoid deep frying at home so Cooking with Dog's recipe is perfect for me because it only involves pan-frying and steaming the potatoes. For those who aren't afraid of deep frying, these recipes by Just Hungry and I Nom Things look very promising; I'd love to try them out if I ever get a deep fryer.


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Congratulations on graduating PD!

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